3 Facebook Advertising Research Tools You Cannot Live Without




The absolute best offer in the world won’t matter all that much unless you place it in front of the right audience.

And in the new age of Facebook relevance scores and the new algorithm, it doesn’t matter how great your content is if your audience couldn’t care less about it.

But if you can dial and your exact audience, the specific type of person who is most interested and your content and your offer, you’ll become an unstoppable force on Facebook advertising.

In order to do that, you’ll need some killer Facebook advertising research tools.

The Only 3 Facebook Advertising Tools You’ll Ever Need…

One of the best things about doing research for your Facebook advertising is that the best tools are 100% free.

In fact, the top three Facebook Advertising research tools we use in our agency come from Facebook themselves. And remarkably, all you’ll need is…a Facebook advertising account. 

So let’s get into into it.

1. Facebook Audience Insights

About a year or so ago, Facebook came out with a new tool in the ads manager called Audience Insights.

At first, it wasn’t very good. But then it got WAY better…

In fact, it’s now become the “go to” tool we use to do the majority of our research for our clients and for ourselves.

Further, it’s easy to access, as it appears just to the left of your campaigns inside Ads Manager:

audience insights 1

Once you’re in Audience Insights, go down to the left hand side under “Interests” and insert an interest your audience is most likely to be interested in period

Let’s say you are in the leadership niche and John Maxwell is a particularly strong interest for your prospects and current clients.

Simply enter “John C Maxwell” into the interest field and see what comes up:

audeince insights 2

To further refine your search, lets say your customer is aged 35-60. So add that information under the “Age and Gender” tab:

audeinces insights 3

If you click on the “Page Likes” tab, this will then give you a wealth of information about this particular interest and demographic:

audience insights 4

Each one of these categories could potentially be its own ads set once you start your campaign or you could use each of the interests listed under categories as individual ads that interests as well.

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How you structure your campaign, is up to you and it’s largely based upon how broad your niche is.

If you scroll down to the “Page Likes” section below, there’s even more targeting data you can uncover.

This one here is sorted by “Relevance”:

Audience insights 5

And if you sort by “Affinity” you’ll get a slightly different audience:

Audience insights 6

And of course, on any of these tools, you can always click the “See All” or “See More“button to get even more information:

audeinces insights 7

Additionally, you can also layer your interest search with advanced layering like behaviors, language, relationship status and many others by clicking on the “Advanced” tab:

Audience insights advanced tab 8

What’s even better is that if you have a email list or a customer list that’s fairly large, you can profile those people in Audience Insights as well.

You do this through the Custom Audiences tab. This tab is located way at the upper left-hand corner:

Audience insight custom audiences 9

One caveat: your list have to be quite large for this to work properly.

Also, if your page has a high number of Fans, you can find some different connections based upon that data as well.

Simply choose from the drop-down menu under Pages, sort by Page Likes and you can get a whole new set of potential interests and data:

Audience insights fan pages 10

As you can see, Audience Insights gets you nearly everything you need to create your first campaign.

Or if you been running ads for sometime, it’s a great place to find new interests to expand out your current reach. Because of that, we use this tool almost exclusively, although we still like the next one too.

2. Facebook Graph Search

No matter where you are in Facebook, this little tool follows you everywhere.

Most people have never even used it – but it’s a tremendous free research tool when you’re doing Facebook advertising.

It’s called “Graph Search“:

Facebook graph search tool 11

To harness the power of this tool, all you need to know is a few key phrases. The best one we use by far is this one:

“Pages liked by people who like [your customer’s primary interest]”

When use that phrase, it will look like this:

Facebook graph search 12

Although this tool has been known to be finicky, it should deliver results that look something like this:

Facebook graph search tool search 13 

As you can see, some of these interests overlap with those of Audience Insights, but you may find some real diamonds in the rough hear that you had not uncovered as of yet.

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You can also perform different types of searches, which may include phrases such as:

“Pages similar to [your customer’s primary interest]”

“Pages liked by people who like [your customer’s primary interest]”

These result in research like this one below:

Facebook graph search 14

3. The Facebook Ads Manager

Probably one of the best “on-the-fly” research tools we use is inside the Facebook Ads Manager itself.

Simply scroll down to the “Interests” section, enter in your primary interest (in this case, John C Maxwell), hit enter, then click “Suggestions“:

Facebook ads manager research tool 15

You can also access the same thing through the Power Editor under Interests here:

Facebook power editor suggestions tool 16

In this example, many of the same interests are overlapping from Audience Insights and Facebook Graph Search.

But nonetheless, you may find something that you missed in these sections that could be the difference maker in your campaigns.

Bringing It All Together…

Once you have the relevant interests you pick can use for use with your campaign, open up Google doc spreadsheet and put all those interest in there.

Better yet, as you do your research start formulating an idea as to your campaign structure as you add the interests into the sheet:

google drive facebook interests 17

Keep “mind dumping” your interests into this master spreadsheet to get your creative juices flowing.

Once you have all your interests in the Google doc, organize them by category. These categories could then become your new ad sets OR they could be individual ad sets by specific interest like so:

audience interests by ad set18

By the time you’re done, you’ll have hundreds of interests to test – each one on its own small budget to see which resonates best with your message.

For even better targeting, insert the demographic of your ideal customer in your targeting in your ads. This assures that your ads will only be seen to the prospects who are most likely to buy from you:

demographic targeting facebook19

For smaller interests (those under 20,000 or so), you’ll want to bunch your interests together in ad sets that are similar to one another.

In some cases the interests may be somewhat similar, it only makes sense to group them under one ad set – instead of testing each interest individually. Sometimes, it obvious like in this case here:

similar interests facebook20

In this video below, our DWM Ad Manager Sasha explains how it all comes together:

Although there are many paid tools you can use to target on Facebook advertising,  the best ones that we have found other free ones.

Once your campaign starts to gain momentum and conversions, you can then take your best performing interests and plug them into Audience Insights.

This then starts the whole process all over again. Rinse and repeat…


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