Podcast 11 – 5 Facebook Changes That Can Transform Your Business

In this podcast I go over some of Facebook’s BIG changes that are making Facebook arguably one of the best sources for generating leads and sales for any business. 

Session Outline

1. Facebook Exchange Re-marketing

  • What is Facebook exchange
  • Newsfeed ads now with remarketing

2. Custom Audience Targeting

  • Auto dealership targeting recent customers for a trade-in sale example
  • Tanning salon example

3. Unpublished Posts

  • Page post ads – in the newsfeed on desktop and mobile

4. Facebook Offers

5. Graph Search

  • Enables users to develop connections based on people’s interests and opinions.
  • Find an Italian restaurant most of my friends or friends of my friends have liked or checked-in to.
  • Get an interview.
  • Find an old friend or find someone to date.
  • Business pages need to optimize their page to show up.
  • Business pages need to get more fans. Use photos more and tag people in those photos.
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Podcast 10 – 4 Ways To Generate Leads From Facebook and Increase Facebook Ad Conversions

The most cutting edge ways to increase your Facebook advertising conversions and start generating more leads and sales from Facebook and from your Website traffic. 

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Podcast 9 – How to Use Email To Drive Sales

How to use automated email marketing and broadcast email strategies to improve your subscriber relationship, build your community and increase sales.

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IMB Podcast #8 – Why SEO is Like Poker (And NOT Dead) and How To Win

Why winning at SEO today is like winning at Poker and why winning at SEO used to be like counting cards at a Blackjack table. How to set up a simple system to get massive leverage out of every piece of content you create and get more traffic and better search engine rankings.

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IMB Podcast #7 – Facebook Page Checklist

The 9 Most Critical Things You Must Do To Profit From Facebook.  How to set your Facebook Page up the right way for your business. This Facebook page marketing checklist walks you through how to set up your page right from the start for successful Facebook advertising and marketing.

Talking Points:

  • Foundation for Facebook marketing success.
  • Facebook Like box on your website instead of a Facebook icon taking visitors to your FB page.
  • Timeline cover photo.
  • About section.
  • Critical custom app images and how to use them effectively.
  • Custom landing pages.
  • Re-directing people from your Facebook page to your website or offer.
  • Why uploading an image on each post is so important.
  • How to create pro images fast without any graphic design skills.
  • How to use Facebook ads to ignite your page.
  • Why fans are important. (And not why you think they are…)
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IMB Podcast #5 – James Schramko Give His Traffic Secrets That Helped Double His Sales Each of the Past 6 Years

James Schramko went from running the #1 Mercedes Benz dealership in Australia to now owning a 7 figure per year internet marketing agency and coaching business.

Talking Points In This Interview:

  • How James was able to double his sales every year each of the past 6 years.
  • How to create massive content that Google loves without being overwhelmed.
  • How to build a real team and scale your business fast.
  • The Truth about SEO and what is working now.
  • And more golden nuggets
You can get more info on James’ Fast Web Formula here: www.DominateWebMedia.com/Fast


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