A Complete Guide To Facebook Timeline For Business Pages

Facebook Timeline For Business Pagesfacebook timeline for business pages

Facebook did it again. Whether you like it or not Facebook business pages are getting a complete overhaul and the new look will become permanent March 30th, 2012. (if you’re reading this after March 30th then welcome to the new interface:-)

There may be a lot of talk out there about how this will affect Facebook and how this will affect business on Facebook, but try not to buy into the hype – just focus on your business and how you can take advantage of the new changes.

Facebook is still going to be the #1 social network and will be responsible for driving tons of high quality traffic to your site or your business, if not more than before.

I have made a few videos below explaining how the new Timeline format is laid out, how to use Timeline for business, how to install a custom Facebook landing page with Timeline, and how to integrate other social media channels like YouTube and Twitter.   I will be adding future videos with more updates so please bookmark this post for further reference and subscribe to my YouTube channel to make sure you get those updates as they come out:)

Getting Started

This video is the introduction to the new Timeline for Pages  and the video will walk you through how to use Facebook timeline for business pages and some of the most important elements and aspects you need to understand.


Facebook Timeline Landing Page

Yes it is true – you can no longer choose a default landing page for new visitors to land on.  This is a bummer because having a landing page helps to better engage your audience and encourage new visitors to “like” your page initially.

However, you can still create a custom landing page that you can set up to have most of your new visitors land on.  Plus with the new format it is easier to encourage visitors on your wall to go to your custom landing pages. (this is actually better than the old format for when you are creating new campaigns, events and offers, and you want your existing audience to visit your custom pages (or apps like they are called now)

Whether you are using Facebook Advertising, YouTube, sending traffic from your website, offline marketing, or any other type of marketing, you can direct all of your traffic to a custom landing page designed to represent your brand effectively.   You can automatically build your subscriber list and convert these visitors into paying customers.

HTML To Show an Image (image must end in .jpg or .png)

<img src="http://www.yourimagelocation.jpg">

HTML To Show an Image and Make it Clickable (and open in same window)

<a href="http://www.facebook.com/yourfacebookpage"><img src="http://www.yourimagelocation.jpg"></a>

HTML To Show an Image and Make it Clickable (and open in a new window)

<a href="http://www.facebook.com/yourfacebookpage" target="_blank"><img src="http://www.yourimagelocation.jpg"></a>

The About Area

The first part of the About section will show up right below your cover photo image on your wall, so it is very important to have a good tag line here along with a clickable URL to your website or landing page you may be driving traffic to.   This is the only space near the top of your wall where you can have a clickable link on display so make sure you have your site visible here.

facebook timeline for business pages

How To Add YouTube, Twitter and Pinterest To Your Page.  How To Have a Pointed Arrow To Your Main URL.

Big Tip Discussed In This Video:  Anyone can text “fan ‘username'” to 32665 and they automatically become a fan of your page.  Example: “fan dominatewebmedia” to 32665.  (32665 is Facebook’s main text number)

Awesome Photo Editing Tool – Pixlr Free and MUCH easier to use than Photoshop

*Try using Keynote or Powerpoint to edit videos!  It is a Great shortcut! 

  • Create an image inside Keynote than click command shift 4 and you can take a screenshot of your image.  You can also use Jing, Skitch, or Snaggit to take a screenshot of the area you want for your image.

Stock Images:

*I Will Be Adding More Videos and Content To This Post

  • I will be adding more videos, resources and videos to this post so please bookmark for further reference.
  • If you have any questions you would like me to explore please comment below.

*Embrace the new changes and stand out from your competition!




  • http://makethemclick.com.au/library Mark

    Keith ,

    great videos, thanks muchly.

    Just one question: In my About box the link I have is Business consultant but when I click on it it goes to what looks like tourist info my my city. Is that what’s supposed to happen or is something amiss somewhere?


    • Keith Kranc

      Its hard for me to tell what you did without admin access but I would delete the Business Consultant and just add your URL with http:// included in the first part of your About description. You may have to leave the “official page” section blank.

  • Jenny

    Both of these videos were so helpful in updating my companies timeline. Thanks for the info! I had one further question. How do you change what displays in the information box beneath your profile picture? You have your company description, but the default seems to be our phone number and address.

    • Keith Kranc

      You’re welcome Jenny. The only part that will show up under the Timeline is the actual “About” section in the About settings. There’s a bunch of different fields to fill out, but the only one that shows up is the first one. And you only have a few characters to work with so you just have to play with it.

  • Sandy

    Thanks for the youtube tutorial. I’m just wondering why my business page doesn’t allow me to like other company pages. When I click on a FB page of a brand I like in my industry the “like” button does not appear. I see many people asking the same question all over the web but no answer yet. Thanks and I hope to hear from you soon!

    • Keith Kranc

      Your welcome. So did you click “use Facebook as your page” then go visit other pages you’re not already a fan of and there is no “like” button?

  • http://www.travismonroe.com Travis Monroe

    love the video, easy to follow. One question. Rather than have the “tab” go to an image, how would you make it go to a page, such as a piryx donation page. In other words straight to the donation page without any further images. One click off the frontpage tab. Great job, thanks, Travis

    • Keith Kranc

      Thanks Travis I’m glad it was helpful. As for the thumbnail app re-directs I used a free app called “Re-direct”. You can install re-direct as a new app and put in any destination URL you want. You can add it to your page right here: http://www.facebook.com/apps/application.php?id=201189479924274


  • gaston Zelarayan

    Thanks for the free-tutorial Keith, it was very easy to follow and graphically friendly, but… may i ask you a question? it seems that muy facebook page does not engage the landing change, what would you say it happen? I really follow strictly all the steps and also pre-visualize the changes on the same app and now I want my landing page! :(