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Video Outline

1:25 – Youtility, By Jay Bauer
2:05 – Google has changed the game
3:05 – Growth stats of average pieces of content consumed before purchase
4:50 – Why you are competing against the end consumer as well as your competitors
5:30 – Everybody wants to be a hunter and nobody wants to be a farmer
7:01 – Columbia Sportswear app example
8:30 – Study by Hubspot showing companies getting 2 1/2 more leads because of one reason.
9:11 – Study by Hubspot showing companies getting 5 times the traffic for one reason.
9:58 – River, Pools & Spas example. From almost bankrupt to multi-million dollar business.
10:48 – Taxi Mike example
12:15 – The key to getting a good ROI from your content.
13:30 – Website Checklist 
14:35 – Share buttons
15:30 – ClicktoTweet
16:30 – Email marketing automation
17:25 – High value offer at the top of your site
17:45 – Hellobar
18:30 – Sidebar
19:01 – Pinit Button for images plugin
19:40 – Retargeting (One of the most important steps!)

Resources In The Video

Youtility: Why Smart Marketing Is about Help Not Hype
WordPress – How to build a WordPress website from scratch in 15 minutes or less
Sharebar Social share plugin (Search Sharebar in the plugins)
Aweber email marketing
Infusionsoft marketing automation
J Query Pin In Button For Images
Perfect Audience Retargeting

Keith preplay 8.14


Hey, this is Keith Kranc and in this short video, I’m going to walk you through how you can tap into Facebook’s graph search and find out incredible things about your audience, your potential audience, your competitions audience and really figure out the best targeting categories and interests to use for your Facebook ads. This is really, really cool.

All you have to do is go into Facebook search, right here, and just start typing. There’s of different things you can do, but let’s go ahead and do something like pages liked by people who like dominate web media. There we go, we got Get 10,000 Fans, Entrepreneurs Academy. Ryan Deiss, Social Triggers. All these different types of audiences that people follow that also follow my page.

Let’s do Tony Robbins. We got Jim Rohn, Jack Canfield, Brian Tracy, T. Harv Eker, etc., etc., check this out. Now what you can do is you can do, you could do interests like I can do public speaking for example. You can search for anything with this graph search and then you can go down and just continue scrolling. Of course, you can grab … maybe, let’s throw think and grow rich up there and then you can type in think and grow rich.

This not only gives you a top of information but it also stimulates your brain and it gets you thinking of it’s a great brain storm to get you thinking of pages that you may not have thought of. You can actually go much, much deeper than this. For example, you could do something like pages liked by people who like think and grow rich and are small business owners. [00:02:00]

Pages like the people who liked think and go rich and small business owners. You go down and it’s going to be pretty similar stuff for that one. Let’s do something like … How about something like interests liked by people who like tennis and Tony Robbins? Right down here … Look at this, much different results. Now we got traveling and yoga and meditation and spirituality. This is how you get really narrow down to some interests that maybe you’re really trying to get narrow down into.

For example, a lot of people ask me when they’re inside the ad manager, “Can we run ads to people who like tennis and Tony Robbins? Can we ran ads to somebody that likes Tony Robins and public speaking? Who likes Tony Robbins and Infusionsoft?” Something like that. They’re trying to really get that target audience, you want to get those layers.

The problem is, is with some of the inside that pre-sized interest you’re not able to do that with Facebook. What will happen is if you target somebody who likes tennis and also Tony Robbins, what it does is it targets both of those. People who like either or, either tennis and/or Tony Robbins. Because you can’t do that in the admin manager yet, you can do that here and then you can find some interests that people that like both of those audiences or both of those topics [00:04:00 ]like really, really powerful.

You could do something like interests liked by people who are conservative and like  Infusionsoft which is a marketing software, marketing automation software. We know a lot o those people are into internet marketing and traffic and conversion. You’ve got Jesus Christ Bible, cooking, music, stuff like that. It’s not really helpful but if we’d get something like this, we could do change interests to pages liked by people who are conservative and Infusionsoft. Let’s see what we get, Facebook marketing, Hub Spot, conservativism, Lord Sugars. See, there’s some that you might not have thought about here that could work really well for your potential ads.

You can just continue drilling it down. Who are conservative and like Infusionsoft and are 40 years old. Check that out. Actually, this is where you would put people who are conservative and like Infusionsoft and who are 40 years old. Here I would put something like this, people. Watch this. No results. How about who are over 40 years old? Look at that, these could be my target market if that’s my target market. Do you know what I mean? You can direct message people. You can do so many things here, its’ really, really cool.

Like I said, with the pages that are liked by, I can add more. I can break continue drilling down, drilling down and really find some awesome target audiences to go after. Pages liked by [00:06:00] people who are conservative and like Infusionsoft and Perry Marshal. See some of these here. That’s some pretty cool stuff that you can do here.

How about … let’s do singers liked by people who liked internet marketing. It pulls up musicians. There’s so many things you can do, this is pretty amazing. How about something like friends of Keith Kranc who work at Nordstrom? How about that? All these people are friends with me that work at Nordstrom.

Pretty amazing what you can do with this.  You can really get out there and you could really spy on your competition, narrow things down and so many ways and just get creative. I’d love to hear back from you of different types of searches that you’ve been able to use to find more information about your target audience, about your customers, about your subscribers, about your competition.

Please comment on this. If you’re watching this video on YouTube or you’re watching this video on my blog, I’d love to hear a comment from you on how this have been able to help you or how you’ve been able to take this to another level. Make sure you click on the link in this post or in the description or on this page and make sure, if you haven’t downloaded my Facebook checklist, make sure you do that. I’ve got some great free training for you there and hopefully I will talk to you soon. Have a great day. [00:08:00]



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