5 Days To Facebook Advertising Success – Session #2

First Things First – Know Your Target Audience

Do you really know your target audience? Before you jump in and start creating your ads, you first want to have a clear understanding of your ideal target audience you are trying to reach with your campaigns.

Spend some time researching your market because you will save so much money and heartache in the long run. Your ads will be much more effective if you really take some time to learn about your target audience.

When you’re running Facebook ads, you are going to learn more about your target audience along the way, which is one of the best aspects of Facebook advertising, but you really need spend a considerable amount of time doing market research about your audience beforehand.

You may find out that certain interest that you can target don’t have a direct connection to your product or service, yet it may yield you a ton of hot, targeted leads.  You might find out that a good percentage of people who are fans of a certain page also are interested in your type of product.

1.  Facebook

Use the search bar and make sure you click “see more results.” You should also find out who your competitors are targeting. Same as above, what are their demographics? Where do they go online? Find out if your competitors have Facebook fan pages; go through the comments on those pages, go through the wall posts, find out how many fans they have.  Go through and research some of the fans that are active on that page, the fans that are commenting on those specific pages and their demographics.  Go and look and friend of some of those people and look at some of their interests.

What types of updates draw more interaction and engagement and comments?  Are there specific days or times when fans are interacting on that page more?

 2.  YouTube: The #2 search engine (above Yahoo and Bing) and a social network.

Another great resource: Youtube. Youtube is a great place to search your competition and learn more about their audience.  Simply enter the keyword in the search box and see the kind of results you get.  If you find any videos that are in your target demographic and interest you, you can actually click on the bottom right icon on the video and it will bring up a ton of data on the people who are watching that video.  It will show information such as if people watch the video, what was embedded on another sites, age ranges of those who watch the video, what countries the video has the most view percentages.

*You can get even more data inside the admin panel of your own channel.

 3.  Quantcast

Quantcast is my personal favorite.  You can search a brand related to your industry and it will give you a breakdown of demographic data and who is their best target audience.  And the best part is that it will give you a list of Affinities – related websites their users visit before and after they visit that brand.

*If you search for a brand you believe would have good data for your industry or niche and it doesn’t have data populated yet then you can request a specific company and they will populate it.  (That’s what I did with Beachbody)


One of your greatest resources will be is unbelievable for market research. Amazon is always the standard for pricing, and will show you what is trending in any market. is the best in the world at gathering data and utilizing that data to increase conversions and increase the average sale by offering items you may be interested in along the sales process.

  • Just search for a product in your niche and look closely at what other products Amazon “thinks” you may be interested in.
  • Look what other products are running Amazon pay per click ads on that listing.
  • Look what “customers who viewed this item also viewed…”

Now take some time to read some reviews very carefully and take notes.   Pay attention to the words customers are using when they are making reviews – good and bad.  In the example below 229 out of 235 people found that review helpful!  Do you think there may be some powerful words somebody could use in an advertising campaign?  (Hint: this is an amazing way to find compelling copy to have on your ads AND on your websites.)

 5.  Google Analytics

You may or may not have good Google Analytics data from your own website – but if you do you can get some great data inside your account.

A great place to start is to get a thorough understanding of your own existing customers and/or website visitors. What is your target customers’ demographic? Where do they live? What are their interests? What other websites do they frequently visit? You can find all this information inside Google Analytics.

If you do have your own website or blog, you absolutely must have Google Analytics installed and tracking the progress of the activities of your website, your visitors, and your conversion process.

You can find out information like geography, types of computer monitor, and web browser that people are coming from.  Which website they came from before coming to your website, what pages they travel to after they land on your website or page. There’s a just unbelievable amount of information inside Google Analytics, all for free.


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