5 Days To Facebook Advertising Success – Session 3

Advanced Targeting:  Laser Focused Accuracy and Hyper Targeting

The better performing your ads are the lower cost per click you will be charged by Facebook, and the more Facebook will show your ad.

How do you get better performing ads?  Start with using focused targeting, hyper targeting, and “right angle” targeting, to drastically improve the click through rate of your ads before you even think about ad copy and images.

The amount of data Facebook has about its users is staggering. (and scary!)

Want to reach a 33 year-old mother of two, who reads Fitness Magazine?  No problem.

Want to reach a 55 year-old male in Baltimore, MD who reads Investor’s Business Journal, works out, and is into martial arts? No sweat.  (Maybe you found out, with testing, that people into martial arts are more likely to be competitive and motivated, which are perfect traits for your service or product)

Watch Facebook update the number of people you can reach with your specific targeting in real-time.  This alone can be fun and addicting while you are doing your research.


This is pretty self-explanatory. You have the option of choosing the country or countries you want to target.

You also have the ability to narrow your targeting further by choosing a state or province, city, or by zip code.


If you separate out your ads by age groups of 10 or less (i.e. male, 31-40) you can get a much more clear picture of how your ads perform in each sector.

However, as Facebook’s reporting tools improve you can run a test ad to a broad demographic, take a look at each sector in the reports, then drill down with new, more specific age group targeted ads.


This is where you find out how well you conducted your research I described earlier, in the “Know Your Target Audience” section.  If you skipped over that section, or read it very quickly please go back and read it again.

There 2 types of targeting: Broad Category and Precise Interests.

In most cases you will be running ads using Precise Interests targeting, however there will be cases where you may use broad category targeting to get a big picture look at how an ad will perform. 

Broad Category

Broad category allows you to target groups of people who share similar interests and characteristics.  These categories draw from the information people have included in their Facebook profiles, and the pages and groups they interact with.

Precise Interests 

Precise interests targeting is really what makes Facebook advertising so powerful, and separates Facebook ads from every other form of advertising.

Precise interest targeting lets you choose your target audience by the types of things they are interested in.  Facebook derives these “interests” by a myriad of sources, in which the exact process they will not reveal.

These interests come from the terms users have shared in their Facebook profiles, status updates, groups they belong to, pages they have “liked”, and any other secret, ninja trick Facebook has to gather that coveted information.



Notice that Facebook also adds Suggested Likes & Interests as you add targets.  You can add anything from an activity, to a person, to a company, or a Facebook page.

You cannot specifically target a Facebook page’s fans, however if a page is large enough Facebook will create an “interest” around it.

*Note that if you choose multiple interests to target you will not be targeting users who have expressed interests in ALL of those interests, only users who have expressed interest in at least one of them.


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