5 Days To Facebook Advertising Success – Session 4

Creating Images That Catch People’s Eyes And Make Them Click

With so many things on Facebook to distract the viewer, the image you choose is probably the most important element of your ad.

It needs to provide a “pattern interrupt” and somehow grab the right corner of that person’s eye and pull it away from their friends and family, or whatever entertainment they are engaged in at the moment.

The image size specifications are 110 X 80 pixels.  You can upload a larger image and Facebook will automatically shrink to fit.

There are many factors that go into how effective your image is in relation to your ad or company, and you will never know which image will perform best until you test.  But here are some helpful guidelines:

  • The image is small so if you are using a person’s face then it needs to be as close up as possible.
  • Pretty women usually perform well – for both male and female audiences.
  • Try and have an image facing in toward the center of the page so the viewer feels like the person is looking right at them.
  • Bright, colorful, eye catching images can work well.
  • Sometimes a contrasted black and white image can also stand out.
  • Use words on a sign, or whiteboard or blackboard instead of an image.  This strategy can be a double benefit, as it can stand out really well, plus you are now getting more space for ad copy to draw them in.
  • Add some text inside a normal image to sneak in some more ad copy.
  • Borders work great – red, green and yellow.

Some mistakes to avoid or actions that Facebook will not like:

  • Do not use an image that is not relevant to your ad or the page you are sending the traffic to.
  • Women with big breasts always work well – but it is getting very difficult to get any of those approved any more.  Unless of course you are selling bras or swimsuits…

Some important notes:

  • Don’t use images you don’t have usage rights for.  If you use an image of a celebrity or a well-known brand you will get contacted by their legal department.  Depending on who they are this situation can be pleasant or not pleasant at all.  How do I know?  Hmmm… let’s just say I was hoping to meet the Tiger Woods team through a little different scenario.  No, seriously I was emailed by Tiger’s legal department about an ad we were running with his face on it, but they were very nice and we assured them it was already taken down.  However, I have heard of people getting billed by companies for the use of their images so please be careful here.
  • If you use Google images just be careful with what images you choose.  You will probably be ok with some of them, but not with others.

Here are some great royalty free resources:


Stock.xchng (Free Stock Photos!)



Some examples of successful images

(I’ve seen this one a lot online, and used it myself with succes


Blonde male with a green back-round works very well for some reason










This was for a company that sells a device that disables texting and driving...




Remember the key is to always be testing.  So you can take one ad and run it with 5-10 different images.  By doing this you can start to narrow down your top two or three images, then start to use those images with multiple variations of your headline and ad copy to get the best possible performing ad.

But remember, you will get ad fatigue as people see your ad over and over, so this is why you will still rotate out your images.  (Rotate your top performing images only, instead of random images you hope will perform well.)

Use borders around your images


*Red, bright green, and yellow borders generally worked best.  Try taking your existing images and re-run them using borders.  Borders also seem to work well with facial close-ups. 



Great Free Source For Editing Your Photos – Much easier than Photoshop and they have great tutorial videos.  And its free!

Keynote (for Mac) or Powerpoint – Yes use presentation software to edit up images super easy!  This can be an awesome shortcut and time saver.


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