5 Days To Facebook Advertising Success – Session 5

Why The Most Important Key To Success Has Nothing To Do With Facebook

100 years ago Henry Ford took Ford turned Ford Motor Company and the Model T into the largest auto manufacturer in world; he built a company that completely revolutionized the automobile industry, and continues to remain one of the most dominate manufacturers today, over 100 years later.

Many people believe that Henry Ford invented the automobile, but that is not the case at all.  Henry Ford did not invent the car: he produced an automobile that was within reach of the average American. 

While other manufacturers content with targeting the higher class individual, Henry Ford used the power of mass production and the assembly line to drastically reduce the cost of building a car, lower the price, and bring it to the masses. 

The other guys focused on building the best car. 

Henry Ford was focused on building the best system to produce the cars.  

What does this have to do with Facebook advertising and marketing?

The point is that all of this is not really about Facebook ads or Google, or whatever method you are using to get traffic.  What matters more than anything else is the ability for your website or Facebook page to get people to take action – to opt into your email list, to buy something, become a fan, call you, or something else.

If you are running Facebook ads right now, or if you are getting ready to start advertising on Facebook, then I would presume to assume that your ultimate goal is to acquire more customers or clients.

Facebook advertising just happens to be one of the fastest, and sometimes least expensive ways for you to get highly-targeted traffic to your website or Facebook page.  But once again, its not about Facebook – it’s about your website or Facebook page. 

What Facebook will help you do, more effectively than anything else (except Google in some cases – depending on the situation), is send highly-targeted, predictable traffic to your website, day in and day out, so you can experiment, test, and perfect your sales process.

Please pay attention here, because what I am explaining to you can change your business and change your life, forever.

The first thing you should do is properly set up your Facebook ad campaigns, and start to play around with your website and/or your Facebook landing page until the traffic converts to sales profitably. 

Honestly, it doesn’t really matter how long this process takes to work.  Every step of this process will teach you critical elements about your business and your target customer, even if it is trial and error.

THEN, once it begins to work with Facebook, take the same messages and sales process and roll it out with all of your other forms of marketing. 

  • Facebook
  • Google Adwords
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Other PPC’s like yahoo and Bing, etc.
  • Email promotions
  • Direct Mail
  • TV
  • Radio and Outdoor Billboards
  • Press Releases
  • Affiliates
  • Print Advertising

You see, the items above are more expensive and less controllable. (Except Google) Get it right with Facebook and Google first, where you have total control and you can track your results immediately, and make immediate changes.  Then do email, direct mail, TV, Radio, etc. 

I cannot overemphasize how powerful this is.  Usually pay per click traffic represents only a tiny percentage of people who are potential customers for you.  Yet when you roll out the items above after you’ve perfected your sales process, you can often make five to fifty times as much money as you were making with Facebook ads.  

And you can say goodbye to the days of risking more than a few hundred dollars on a marketing campaign! 

One important note – if you already some good sales processes in place on your website, and you are getting traffic from the search engines, you may have to tweak your process.  People visiting your site or Facebook page from Facebook ads are in a different frame of mind than people coming from Google or another referral. 

With Google traffic you can go for the home run at first at bat, yet with Facebook traffic you need to get to first base, carefully load the bases, then you can go for the grand slam.   I discuss this in my Facebook Advertising Blueprint Video, where I discuss the top 5 mistakes businesses are making with Facebook ads.

A little secret:  The best part about online marketing for any business is the fact that you are able to test your sales process with minimal risk; you can get immediate results and make changes on the fly.  Compare that to a direct mail campaign that may take you 6-12 months of mailings and thousands of dollars to start to get a good feel of what’s working and what’s not.

This is the reason I have created the Facebook Advertising Blueprint.  In this training series take you step by step through how to get your Facebook advertising campaigns up and running and profitable as fast as possible. 

I show you the difference between Google traffic and Facebook traffic, and the reason why so many businesses are missing the boat with Facebook.  And more importantly, I show you how to set up systems to turn your Facebook traffic into long term customers and loyal brand advocates.  Click here to find out more.

-Keith W. Kranc


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