8 Week Coaching

Social Media Marketing Boot Camp ($197)

4 week coaching course featuring live webinars and teleconference calls, with Q&A after every session, focused on giving you answers to your specific business or brand.  This course will consist of:

  • Week 1: Positioning.
    • How to position yourself as the expert or authority in your market, how to structure ALL OF YOUR MARKETING (offline and online) to funnel into your social media and website channels automatically.
    • Week 2: Facebook Marketing
      • How to set up your Facebook page the right way, turning it into a marketing and relationship building machine.
      • Facebook time management.  Using free software to help automate your engagement on Facebook and other social networking sites.
      • Understanding the “viral” aspect of Facebook
      • Designing your Facebook page, great tools to make this easy.
      • Ninja tricks to make Facebook pay off for you.
    • Week 3: Facebook Advertising
      • How to set up a Facebook Advertising account.
      • How to set up a successful FB ad campaign.
      • Common mistakes everyone make with FB ads, which costs BIG MONEY in high cost per clicks.
      • Psychology behind effective campaigns, headlines, what types of images to use, etc.
      • Where to send people with your ads, and why.
      • How our clients are getting tons of new customers using these strategies.
      • And more…
    • Week 4: Video Marketing
      • YouTube – how to set up a YouTube account.
      • How we get videos to get thousands of views.
      • How to do screen record videos if you don’t like the camera.
      • How to create captivating videos with your camera phone, flip camera, web cam, or video camera, or digital still camera.
      • How to build up your YouTube channel following automatically, creating a band of raving fans and followers.
      • Equipment buying guide – this will save you hundreds or thousands of dollars and hours of your time searching for good equipment at reasonable prices.
      • And more…




Internet Marketing Domination ($497)

Includes the first 4 weeks of “Social Media Marketing Boot Camp”.

Includes one 30 minute consultation with Keith to go over your online marketing strategy. (I would recommend not using this until a couple weeks into the training, so you have a better understanding of your goals first)

    • Week 5:
      Email Marketing and Mobile Marketing 

      • Integrate automated emails in all of your marketing channels.
      • Use email and text message marketing to build relationships automatically, and build you up as the expert in your niche.
      • Find out why Email Marketing is the #1 ROI for all major E-commerce sites and big brands.
      • And more…
    • Week 6: Local Search Engine Optimization/Google Places (Maps)
      • Get your business to the top of Google.
      • Learn simple strategies to optimize your Google Maps listing that Google “loves”!
      • Learn how to optimize your website to get good Google rankings.
      • Learn how to optimize your Facebook Page to get that ranked in Google!
      • And more…
    • Week 7: Video Marketing Advanced
      • How to get your videos ranked on the first page of Google.
      • How to create consistent content and get it shared.
      • How to take photos and turn them into amazing videos, EASY!
      • Learn the psychology that Hollywood producers use to keep their viewers glued to the screen. (secret tip: using a method called “Pattern Interrupt” keeps people engaged AND they are the easiest videos to create)
      • And more…
    • Week 8: Facebook Ads Advanced
      • I will take you inside of some of our campaigns to show you what works and what mistakes we have made that will save you lots of money.
      • How to split test ads correctly and create laser targeted ads.
      • How to use Facebook ads to do market research.
      • Learn the biggest mistakes 90% of people are making right now with FB ads.
      • And more…





Internet Marketing Boardroom ($997) Limited to 8 People only!

Includes the above 8 weeks live training course.

One 8 hour mastermind session (In the Seattle/Tacoma area. If you cannot attend in person we will have live video streaming:)

  • Each person gets one dedicated hour focused on their business and marketing strategies.
  • Note: you will learn as much or more just listening and interacting with each other mastermind member’s session.

One 1 hour phone/webinar consultation with Keith to focus on your business and help you set up your marketing campaigns.

Bonus session on Google Adwords (Pay per click) with Q&A (2 hours)

  • This session alone is worth well over $1,000.
  • Google adwords is the fastest way to get new customers right now.  It is also the best market research for all of your marketing you will ever do.  It can also be extremely expensive if you do not know what you are doing.


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