Advertising on Facebook is a Smart Choice

Advertising on Facebook is a Smart Choiceadvertising on facebook

Facebook is a social networking service and website that is operated and privately owned by Facebook Inc.  It is considered as the most popular social networking site.  Facebook has over a total of 850 million users, and 450 million of them are active on any given day. With these great statistics, it had given a great opportunity for businessman to advertise their products or services. Thinking of the amount of people you can reach and its several benefits, advertising on Facebook is truly a goldmine.  Advertising on Facebook is now the hottest and one of the most in demand forms of online advertising. Many business owners and companies are now using and making their own Facebook profiles to promote their companies or even create customer communities. There are several advantages of advertising on Facebook as compared to other Internet marketing strategies.

Target Market

Facebook users have been steadily growing over the years, with these great numbers comes a great possibility for you to advertise. Also Facebook have a large database of personal information of people. It may include age, gender, address, likes, dislikes, marital status or even their employment information. With the help of these, advertising on Facebook gives a lot of leverage when it comes to targeted advertising. If your business has its target market on kids ages 3-10, living on a specific place, then you could do that. In advertising on Facebook, you can reach out to your target customers more directly thus, having a bigger possibility to have greater revenue.


Advertising in Facebook allows advertisers to do geo-targeting by city, province or even by country. This allow advertisers to business owners to expand their advertisements based on geo-target settings specially because Facebook is not only limited in United Sates

Advertising on Facebook is a Cheaper way of Marketing

As for small businesses, Facebook Advertising is a lot smarter choice. This kind of advertisement is a lot inexpensive as compared to other websites. In advertising in Facebook, keywords are the main components. The cost of the ad depends entirely on the popularity of a keyword.

The Snowball Effect

The best thing about Facebook is that whenever someone has clicked on your ad or “liked” your business page it will show up on their wall for their friends to see. Each of these Facebook users have an average of 234 Friends. Think of the amount of people that could see your business. Advertising in Facebook can reach out to millions of potential customers with only a little time and effort.

More flexible than Google AdWords.                 

As to compare to Google AdWords, advertising on Facebook offers additional character length for ad descriptions. This site allows a person to have a freedom to write longer and more comprehensive ads. With Facebook PPC business owners are allowed to to write up to 135 characters. Also advertising on Facebook allows advertisers to create image-based ads. Advertising with visual features is much smarter way than the use of text alone. Image-based ads are constantly used to draw the attention of viewers to certain features on your business page, and this strategy had been proven to work really well for a lot of business owners.



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