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Start Getting Highly-Targeted Traffic To Your Website or Facebook Page 

Would you like to have a river of laser-targeted traffic visting your website or Facebook page every day? Visitors who have been pre-qualified to have the highest level of interest in buying your product or trying your service?  Our team of pay per click traffic experts specialize in just that – helping you get more traffic fast.  You can start getting traffic and data immediately, even if you have an organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy in place already.  (The smartest strategy is to run pay per click traffic and truly learn what keywords convert the best into customers and subscribers, then lazer target your SEO to only focus on the most profitable keywords so you can start getting free traffic.  

We optimize your Google Adwords (pay per click or PPC) account and/or your Facebook Advertising account to maximize ROI and minimize wasted money thousands of businesses donate to Google and Facebook every year.

This Service Includes: Strategy Consultation and Goal Setting, Competitive Research, Setting up your advertising accounts, Proper Google Analytics Tracking Implementation, Unique Image and Ad Creation, Ad Campaign Implementation.

We work full time getting your accounts prepared and set up properly.  After the set up process, you will be assigned an account manager who will manage your campaign and communicate directly with you.  Your account manager will be in charge of weekly ad rotation, image rotation, new ad copy, adding new targeting, interests, and search criteria, seasonal adjustments, and more.  You can ask your account manager any questions at any time – think of him or her almost as your own full time “web traffic generating expert employee.”

No Contracts. No Hassles. Results Only Work on Your Behalf

We do not require any contracts or long-term commitments.  You can cancel at any time with no questions asked.  This is a results only based service.  If you don’t feel like you’re getting the results you’re looking for, then just cancel the service at any time.  All you have to do is email customer support letting them know you would like to cancel your PPC management subscription.  Or, if you paid via Paypal then you can just log into your Paypal account, select “Subscriptions,” then “Cancel.”

Once you have selected the management plan right for you and your payment has been processed, you will immediately get an email complete with instructions and the initial information we will need from you to get started on researching and setting up your accounts.  Your new account rep will be contacting you within 8 hours welcoming you to the program and give you any additional instructions he or she feels necessary.

Set Up Fee: $1,997

  • $1,000 upfront  and $997 will be charged upon completion of set up and initial competitive research and market analysis.
  • Please allow three weeks for our team to consult, research, and set up your initial campaigns.
  • This fee is the same for setting up Facebook advertising, Google Adwords, or both. (You only pay one set up fee if you choose to do both services)

Facebook Monthly: $779 per month.

Google Adwords PPC Monthly: $659 per month.

Both Facebook and Google PPC: $1199 per month.




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