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How To Use The Facebook Ad Creator


Hey everybody, this is Keith Kranc from Dominate Web Media, and author of ‘The Complete Guide To Facebook Advertising’.

What I’m going to do on this video is to show you the new Ad Creator for Facebook Advertising. It’s basically the new platform for setting up an Advert campaign in your Facebook advertising account.

Now this is different than the new Power Editor which I’m going to show you on another video, okay, which is brand new and I’m pretty excited about that, too. But first, let’s talk about the new Ad Creator.

So, when you want to go create an individual ad, now, what you do is it takes you kind of through a step process a little bit differently than before; it’s very similar, but there’s also some differences in here that you could do before, but you can’t do now, and that you can do now, that you couldn’t do before.

So let me just go ahead and show you what I mean. First of all, you need to choose a destination for your ad, so when somebody clicks on your ad, where do you want them to land? You can enter a URL right here if you wanted to, or you can choose a Facebook page that you are an administrator to, or a Facebook application, or just your Facebook page, or something like that.

If you don’t see your page on here – I am an administrator to a lot of pages and my page doesn’t even show up on this list; it’s kind of weird, I mean, this is an application on my page, so just type it in here and it will pop up. I can search ‘Dominate Web’ – there it is! There, you’ll see there’s my page right there, so if I want to choose my page, I can do that, I can choose my page right there, and what do you want to promote? Dominate Web Media? Or a specific post on Dominate Web Media? If I want to just promote Dominate Web Media, I can either choose a New Ad about Dominate Web Media, or stories about their friends liking Dominate Web Media.

So a new ad is just what you’re used to, a basic ad; you can see a preview right over here, which is pretty cool. Now, you can see the previews built as you go through your ad which I like, okay.

If you just click Sponsored story then you can do a regular sponsored story, people can like it right there and stuff, and then start to set up the rest of your ad. Once you choose this, then, everything else below drops down and it will look familiar to you, but there are still some differences here so I’ll show you in a second.

So what you’re going to do is you’re going to choose your audience just like before: a country, age, and then, when you choose your Interests, which is one thing I love, which I always wanted before but I couldn’t figure out why it wouldn’t let you do it, but now you can. You can choose Precise Interests so if I want to choose Entrepreneurs, for example, I can do that. And then, before you can only choose Precise Interests or you can do Broad Demographics, broad categories – you could not do both. You had to do one or the other, and the problem with doing Broad Categories was it was so broad, the numbers were so big, it’s really hard to target; and that’s still going to be the case, so I still recommend you using Precise Interests as much as possible and most of the time.

However, you could do both now, so I could choose Business and Technology, small business owners, you know, something like that, combined with my Precise Interests so I like that. It’s awesome! The connection target in all that is the same so far. Objective – now this is where it gets different. When you get down to the bottom here, normally, Facebook lets you choose CPM (Cost Per Impression) or CPC which is Cost Per Click, and then you figure out your daily budget.

Now, the way they have it set up now, is you have an objective you have to choose. So my objective, it says: ‘Show this to people who are most likely to like my page’. Okay. Or ‘Click on my ad or sponsored story’. Now, if I say ‘like my page’, then what it does when you come down here to the ‘Bidding’ and the ‘Budgeting’, then it sets it up, Automatically, on CPM. There’s Pricing here, you’ll be charged everytime someone sees your ad or sponsored story (CPM) because you have chosen an objective other than clicks.

So, you have to be careful here because now you’re going into dangerous territory where you’re going to get charged per thousand impressions every single time, no matter how many people click on your ads. Normally I don’t like people to do Cost per Impressions until they’ve already tested their ad, and know that it has a very high click through rate, and a CPM ad ends up being more cost effective than a CPC ad.

In this situation, you don’t have a choice, so if you want to do CPC, you’re going to have to click here: ‘Click on my ad or sponsored story’. Then what it does is it gives you the CPC choice down here. Now I have a feeling Facebook will be changing this very soon, because it’s not very user friendly; I don’t like it very much the way it’s set up right now, but that’s Okay.

The good news is: is with Facebook’s Power Editor, you have a choice to run CPC or CPM, no matter what, when you set up your ad. I’m going to go over that in a separate video, but it’s brand new. It’s been available for larger brands and big, big brands that have been advertising directly, working directly with Facebook in their advertising. Now, they have recently rolled it out, as of the middle of June (2012) to ALL advertisers, so it’s an awesome way to set up multiple ads at the same time, really track your ads, organize your ads, and really run highly proficient and efficient campaigns.

One more thing I want to show you on here, if you go back up to the top, if you decide to choose a Facebook page, one thing that’s pretty cool here, too, is you can actually choose what location on your page. So basically, you can pick an app. So for me, I have some custom Facebook landing pages here; these are all different landing pages that I’ve built – I can just choose those right here. Before, I had to actually copy that URL and enter in that URL. And now, you can actually just choose one of those apps.

So that’s pretty cool, so, other than that, that’s it for this video – hope you enjoyed it, if you did, please comment, like the video, share the video; if you’re reading this on a blog post, please comment with any questions and share it. I appreciate it and make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel because I do have another video coming out on this specific topic very soon, alright, Have a Great Day.


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