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Are you looking for ways to reach more customers for your business?  Yet you are a savvy business owner who understands that you must have some type of measurable return on your marketing dollars being spent every month.  Every smart operator knows that there must be some type of immediate ROI along with a longer term, more difficult to measure ROI.

It is funny to listen to all the main stream media talk about Facebook and social media marketing strategies and how it is so important it is to build a following – be more “engaged” with your customers.  Yet nobody is talking about the most powerful part of Facebook – Facebook Advertising.

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Why Do Brands Spend Millions of Dollars on TV?

There is a reason big brands spend millions of dollars on television advertising, trying to target the best possible audience by choosing the best programming schedule.  They are looking for eyeballs – and there are a lot of eyeballs watching television.  The funny thing is though, I can’t remember the last time I actually watched a TV commercial.  If I am watching TV, which is rarely at best, then it is usually an On Demand show that you can fast forward through commercials, it has no commercials, or it was  previously recorded show.  In the rare case that it does have commercials, then I either turn the channel during the commercials or I am staring at my laptop or iPad that has been sitting on my lap the entire time.

Just imagine if companies had the ability to set up TV ads that only aired in the homes of their exact target demographic and psychographic customers.  You paid 1/10th of the cost of a normal commercial, because you are only targeting your exact, ideal potential customer, and the system is so new and confusing that nobody else is doing it right yet.  And as a bonus you were also able to set up outdoor campaigns (billboards), but you will only get charged for these billboards when a person who lies in your exact demographic and psychographic analysis looks at the billboard, or takes an action, like visiting the website or calling the number advertised on the billboard.

Why Facebook Advertising?

Facebook now has over 1 Billion active users.  Think about that for a second.  The entire population of the U.S. is 300 million.  The population of every single country making up the continent of Europe is only 731 million.  The only continent with more people than active Facebook users is Asia.

The average user spends over 50 minutes per day on Facebook, has over 130 friends, and attends 4 events per month.  Facebook has now surpassed Google as the #1 referring website worldwide.  (the site somebody came to your site from by clicking on a link, if they didn’t just type in your web address)  Facebook is constantly battling with privacy issues and lawsuits.  The reason for this is because they have access to so much information; they are tracking and putting their cookies (trackable code) everywhere.  Facebook advertising is not just about targeting what people put into their profiles – it is MUCH BIGGER than that.

Is Facebook Similar To Google?

Facebook and Google are two completely different beasts; people go to Google to look for answers and people go to Facebook to hang out with friends.  Facebook advertising strategies will completely differ from a Google Adwords or Search Engine Marketing strategy, however that does not mean that Facebook advertising cannot be just as effective, if not more effective than Google.  Just imagine if you knew the top 3 favorite television shows your audience loved and you could create specific ads targeting only those people.

Well… you can with Facebook.  And you can do it very cheap

The Gold Rush

Right now Facebook advertising is still in its infancy stage, very similar to 2002-2003 when Google Adwords first started becoming popular and the first movers were making a killing, similar to the 49ers of the gold mining era who fled to California taking advantage of the gold rush.   Facebook was built to be “cool” and not built for advertising.  The tools tracking tools aren’t very good yet, it is difficult to master, yet it is a complete gold mine of opportunity for business owners who would like “customers on demand.”

Over the past few years my company has been focusing on Facebook Advertising as a strategy for our clients to get more leads, customers, build their database, and build their social media following.  I have spent thousands of dollars just in coaching, training, and mastermind groups making sure we stay not the cutting edge of how to advertise on Facebook effective, profitably and keep up with the ever changing environment.  We have spent thousands of dollars on different Facebook Ad campaigns for our business and for many of our clients’ businesses.  We have made a lot of mistakes along the way.  You can only learn from these mistakes after running tons of different ads for many different types of businesses.

Free Facebook Course

If you are looking to start using Facebook Advertising as a strategy to target potential customers I would recommend my FREE course on “Facebook Advertising The Right Way.”  This is a free email course – and in the course here are some of the things you will discover:

  • How to set up your Facebook advertising account.
  • How to get your first ad up and running in 10 minutes or less. The basics of setting up that first ad so you can begin testing and creating ads.
  • Facebook Targeting. How to use the most powerful aspect of the Facebook advertising platform.  Geographic targeting, demographic targeting, broad and precise interest targeting (psychographic targeting), social connection targeting, and advanced demographics.
  • Bidding and Pricing Strategies. How to bid initially with a campaign launch.  How to get Facebook to show your ads at the best possible cost to you.  The difference between CPC and CPM bidding, and how in some cases you can pay twice as much for the same ad using CPM bidding and in some cases you can pay half the price as the same ad using CPM bidding.
  • Ad copy and Images. (The most important part) How to create ads that people will click on, reduce ad fatigue, and get rewarded by Facebook for creating high performing ads that will cost you less money.
  • Common Mistakes and How To Avoid Them.

To get access to this free email series just enter your information below and you will get a series of emails taking you through starting a successful ad campaign, or improving upon the current ad campaigns you have running.

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