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Introduction To The Facebook Power Editor


Hey everybody, this is Keith Kranc from Dominate Web Media, and author of ‘The Complete Guide To Facebook Advertising’.

In this video I am going to show you the Power Editor within Facebook. So this is brand new to most marketers; it’s actually been available for awhile to bigger brands that are working directly with Facebook, big companies, large companies, but now it should be available to all marketers, so when you’re inside your Facebook ads account, on the left side here – and for some reason if you don’t see the Facebook Advertising button on the left, just scroll all the way down to the button of your screen, and there’ll be an Advertising icon.

For some reason lately it hasn’t been showing up on my left side, so anyways, once you’re there, you just click Power Editor here. Okay. Then what it does is it pulls up this little screen right here, and one thing it’s going to tell you is that you do need to use Google Chrome.

So, if you don’t use Google Chrome now, you’re going to go ahead and click on this link right here and download Google Chrome. It’s a new browser. So you might have Internet Explorer, you might be using Firefox, Safari, all the different browsers, and then you’re going to want to go to Chrome. Chrome is what I’m pining on, the best one anyways; it’s what I always normally use. So, you should be using it anyways. It’s made by Google, so that’s always good. They know what they’re doing.

Once you do that, then all you have to do is you install it, you click here, you install like a program, and then it just takes a couple of minutes, then you’re done. It’s super easy. So once that’s all done, all you have to do is click right here, and then it will open up a new tab and open up the Editor. So I’m going to go ahead and click here, and I’m going to pull up a (just started using this recently so..) I’m going to go ahead and pull up one of my ad accounts, the client did it; we don’t have any ads in here yet, so I’m going to show you what it looks like as a brand new, to using this the first time.

So, once you’re in here, it’s really cool. All you have to do to create an ad, first thing you ever want to do is create a campaign. Right now let me ‘Create an Ad’ because I don’t have a campaign. So I could go here and click ‘Campaigns’ and then just create a campaign. So, I can click ‘Create a Campaign’, and I can either name it right down here, or I can just double click right here and name it.

So I’m going to go ahead and name this: ‘Ocean Shores Getaway’, just kind of making this up, but they do have camping in Ocean Shores, so…Okay I’m going to go ahead and hit Enter there, now I’ve created a campaign, so now, I could go ahead and create an ad.

To create an ad, all I do is hit ‘Create Ad’. And when you come down here to create your ad, you’re going to basically have the same different sections as you would when you create an ad in the old layout. It’s actually a lot closer to the original layout than the new ad creator that they have right now when you go to ‘Create An Ad’ from the ad creator. It’s kind of funny, but anyway, the Power Editor, what I like about it too is you could choose between CPC or CPM, while in the new ad creator, they make you select a Goal and then they make you either do CPM or CPC, and stuff, so kind of interesting but in this you get to choose your method.

So, all you do is ‘Ad Name’, we’ll just say ‘Ocean Shores Getaway’, and then we will do a Destination URL and I can choose whatever website or tab I want to do there. And I can do a ‘Title’, ‘Body’, just like normal, ‘Image’, and then as you create Ads in the editor, it’s going to save all of your images. So as you create new ads in the future, you don’t have to upload them every single time to your computer anymore; it’s going to pop up a window with your previous photos which is pretty cool.

Then go down here to ‘Location & Demographics’, it’s the same; ‘Interests and Broad Categories… This is just like the new Ad Creator — you can now do ‘Precise Interests & Broad Categories’ at the same time, which I love. So I might do ‘RV Camping’. And then I might do, actually, this is kind of weird right now because it’s showing Broad Categories, but it’s not giving me the option to do it. In this video right now, it’s actually not letting you do Broad Categories, but I know that’s just a glitch probably could be a thing with Chrome, I’m not really sure. So, I’m assuming that it will work; you can do Broad, you can do Precise, or you can do a combination of Broad and Precise just like the new Ad Creator.

Placements…this is pretty interesting here. So with Placements, you can do ‘All’ or you can do ‘Desktop Only’, or you can do ‘Newsfeeds Only’, which is pretty cool. Certain ads, the reason you would do ‘Newsfeed Only’, so this might be a mobile ad, target that to mobile people, because with mobile market you can’t do Sidebar Ads – you can only do ‘Newsfeed Only’ ads.

Then you’ve got ‘Connections..’ it’s the same; ‘Advanced Demographics’ the same; ‘Education & Work’ the same; ‘Pricing & Status’. So, you can do CPC, CPM, or Optimized CPM. Then once you do that, you finish that, it’s going to go ahead and have a little clock here, but before it will be ready to go, you have to go ahead and click ‘Upload’ right here. So once you click ‘Upload’, then it will be submitted to Facebook for approval, so, pretty cool.

Now if I want to go ahead and duplicate this, watch how easy this is: Highlight that, Duplicate, BOOM! There it is. I’ve got another one – I could go down here and I could change whatever I want for the second one. I want to change an image, change a headline, just change one thing so I could split test. I can highlight both at the same time and then I can hit ‘Duplicate’ and it creates two more, watch this, Boom! So I’ve got 4. It’s built to have tons and tons of ads.

If you want to upload, if you want to Bulk Import, this is very cool. You can go down here to ‘Options’ and click the ‘Bulk Sheet Template’. Now what that’s going to do is that it’s going to give you an Excel spreadsheet – it has all the templates in place; and if you do tons and tons of ads at the same time, if you’re an agency, or you’re just testing lots of different ads, you can build them on a spreadsheet and then upload them all at once right on here and then submit to Facebook, pretty cool.

Now if you want to do a ‘Page Post Ad’, I can click over here do ‘Page Posts’ and then I can actually create my post right here, so click ‘Create Post’, and then I can create my message for my Facebook page, right here, and then publish the page. And then I can create an ad around that, pretty cool. So I can promote it with the ‘Promote’ ‘View Ads’, and stuff. So I like that; that’s pretty cool!

Other than that, that’s the basics right now for the Power Editor.

I’ll have more videos in the future on the changes they make and like I said, always go to; I’ve got great training, great FREE training. I’ve also got ‘The Complete Guide to Facebook Advertising’ and I have the ‘Facebook Advertising Blueprint’ which keeps you on the cutting edge of everything that Facebook’s doing; takes you behind the scenes with the campaigns that we’re running. You know, it really keeps you on the cutting edge of running ads online, Facebook ads, and more important, how to convert those into subscribers and customers.



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