How To Advertise On Facebook

how to advertise on facebookHow To Advertise On Facebook

Facebook has been one of the greatest, if not the greatest, medium of communication today. It is unceasingly improving and getting more popular as time passes by. With over 800 million users, Facebook is definitely a hot spot for everything. If you want to know about the latest news and updates about your favorite stars, places, sports, politics, the latest trends, etc. and most especially, it gives you an update about your friends and loved ones. Name it and Facebook has it. It does not only give you the latest news or update about these things, Facebook doesn’t function only for that purpose but it is also a good advertising medium. Facebook has been the platform of businesses. Whether it is a small or big business, they use Facebook because they all know that the people are there. The market is there. Even individuals who have their little businesses; they use Facebook as their medium of advertising.

There are a lot of ways on to advertise on Facebook. In fact, you can advertise on Facebook for free or you can use Facebook PPC (pay per click). For example, those individuals who have a little business like selling contact lenses, men’s and women’s apparel, bags, etc., they can advertise by simply posting some photos of what they sell and share it and tag it to the people they know or to all their friends. Through that step, people will see his or her product and they might like it and even re-share it. It will spread like a virus. It’s like a domino effect, as simple as that.

But technically, here is a summarized step on how to advertise on Facebook with payments involved. These advertisements are those you see on the right side of your screen when you’re using Facebook.

ü  Sign up on Facebook if and only if you still don’t have your account.

ü  Be sure to give all the information needed to be able to create a Facebook ad. Aside from your advertisement, you can also put the URL of your website, details of your places, event times, etc. or even a photo to be included in your ad.

ü  Now, you proceed to the Facebook Homepage that you will see a “Sponsored” mark on the right sidebar. Following the “Sponsored” mark is the “Create an Ad” button. Click it.

ü  Designing of your ad will follow. You will choose which destination you would like to lead the people; Facebook Homepage or the main site or external URL of your advertisement.

  • For the external URL, you need to take in the URL in the correct field. Then after that, you’ll enter the ad title as well as the body of your ad and the copy or logo.
  • For the Facebook Homepage, you have the freedom to choose between the Sponsored Stories and Facebook ads. The first will consist of a story about your homepage posts while the later will consist of your message.

ü  Next step is you’ll select the audience or market that you would prefer to reach. It includes locations, age ranges, interests, likes, and there is an advanced targeting alternative as well.

ü  Now you will select if you will pay by clicks or by views and the setting of your price goes with this step too.

ü  Review your Facebook advertisement.

ü  Finally, put your order.


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