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Unless you’ve been under a rock for the past decade, then you already know that in order for us entrepreneurs to survive in the marketplace we have to do one thing and do it well, that’s drive traffic. There are 100s of ways to drive traffic, some effective and some not so effective, but there is one method that has proven itself time and time again and as a matter of fact is the preferred medium for successful online marketers.

Think about when you see someone else using video marketing, don’t you feel like you know this person? You feel like the barrier has been broken and you get a feel of who the person really is. Video marketing itself can create a lifetime brand for you and your business. Audios work, using picture works, but there is nothing compared to video. Just one short 1 minute video can boost your personal branding and sales easily.

Videos have the tendency to be shared quickly and easily thanks to all the new social media networking sites out there. You don’t have to just limit your videos to YouTube or viddler. With the built in sharing features of sites like Twitter, Facebook and MySpace, you can easily get your video in front of a lot of people quickly, and the good thing about this is, people are now more conditioned to view video and are more likely to share it with their community rather than just regular written content.


Why video marketing for your business?

Online video viewing is growing at an astounding rate, and as technology advances and even more video is available the trend will just continue.  Just think about it for a second: if you are want to learn how to do something would you rather read instructions or watch a video?

Another interesting point fact is that online video is still somewhat of a novelty compared with TV, and because online viewers have more control of whether they watch the ad or not.  Since they’re in control of the mouse, if they’re watching the video it’s because they want to, so they pay more attention to it.

This has an important impact for small business marketing, especially since the cost of producing video for the internet is so inexpensive and affordable compared with producing video for TV.

Due to the latest advancements in technology Dominate Web Media can help you integrate online video into your marketing plan for a fraction of the traditional costs of producing a high quality video.

The sole purpose of Dominate Web Media is to help businesses improve their MARKETING, and online video is the best way to accomplish this.  We focus on producing cost effective, high quality videos, that are built to drive traffic to your website and get more leads for your business, which will turn into long term customers and clients. These videos are built to convert users into leads that go to your website.  We can use Powerpoint style, photo montage videos with music and/or voice overs, and we can utilize professional, camera recorded videos.  Each style of video has its features and benefits for different situations.


Video Distribution


When we produce one video that video gets distributed out to over 100 different places over the internet.  The video sharing sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Live Video, etc., several online magazines, all the social bookmarking sites, the social networks, podcast channels, and even more.

Just imagine doing 3 videos per month – after 6 months you would have around 2,000 pieces of content driving traffic to your website and talking about your business!  What about after one year?  What if you were doing 5 videos per month?  That is 6,000 videos, articles, etc. you have out there building you up as the local authority in your industry and driving high quality leads to your website.

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