Social Media Marketing Strategies

Are you looking for the best social media marketing strategies that will make your competition wonder what happened?


When it comes to social media marketing a lot of people are wondering where to begin, wondering which social media channel to use, and wondering how posting a bunch of status updates on Facebook about what you had for dinner last night can make you money? Well it is MUCH MORE than a bunch of status updates on Facebook and Twitter. It is about building a loyal tribe of followers and being able to market your product or service to them any time you want to, for FREE.

Building a sales funnel one time that does the marketing for you automatically forever!

The most important factor in being successful with Social Media Marketing Strategies and management is having a system that gives your potential customer an incentive to give you their email and/or phone number! That is it. That is the magic formula. Its that simple.

If you have a Facebook page it is absolutely necessary to have a custom landing page that first time viewers of your page land on. You do not want people landing on your “Wall” the first time they see your page – it is WAY TO BUSY. You want to have a simple, well designed page with a nice graphic that tells the user they can watch your free video, get your free report, or your free coupon, or whatever you can give away for free in exchange for an email address and/or cell phone number.

Social Media Marketing Strategies to Build Relationships

Once you have this new person’s email address, now you can work on building a good relationship with them. You will have an “auto-responder” email, (and even possibly a text message depending on your type of business) sent immediately upon execution them giving you their contact information. The key to successful social media marketing strategies now is to build value with this prospect by sending them educational, highly valuable content, that they look forward to reading.

DO NOT send them a bunch of emails and text messages saying “buy my stuff!” You will want to be sending education tips and advice, which will build up your likability, credibility, and expert or authority status. Toward the end of some of your emails you can add an offer that tells them to go to call you, or come into your business, or go to your website for a special offer you are doing just for that person.

How would you like to run Facebook Advertising campaigns for $1 a day to your customers?  Facebook ads can truly be customers on demand.

There are many different social media marketing strategies you may want to implement, but it really depends on what type of business you have and what you are trying to accomplish. If you would like to learn more about cutting edge social media marketing strategies and how you can get tons of website visitors, YouTube views, Facebook fans, and more, just join our free newsletter and find out how!


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