Kay Salerno Builds a 7-Figure Business after Reading Keith’s Book




James Schramko

Founder, Superfast Business

“If you are running an event and are looking for an expert for Facebook, Keith Kranc is highly recommended from me – I would definitely have him back to another event, he really knows his stuff – being a co-author with Perry Marshall…you’ve got a solid guy and he’s a genuine person.”


Rachel Kerstin

Co-founder, Summit Evergreen

“At the end of the day I want to know what works, I want to know how to get the most impact from doing the fewest things – and Keith has just been amazing at teaching all of that.”


Seth Greene

Founder, Ultimate Marketing Magician

“We did a split test where we tested the way we were currently marketing on Facebook vs. what Keith was telling us to do. And the way Keith was telling us to market on Facebook was 1,083% more effective than what we were doing before.”


Jaime Masters

Founder, Eventual Millionaire

“I’ve actually recommended it to a TON of people – this guy (Keith) actually does Jack Canfield’s, Perry Marshall’s ads – you should listen to him.”


Taki Moore

Founder, Coach Marketing Machine

“If you want someone to teach your guys how to do facebook ads like a pro, what’s working right now…check him out.”


Chris Kirk

Business Owner

“It’s allowing me to leave my full-time job to do this on my own….I recommend this to anyone looking to start a Facebook consulting business or sharpen their own current business. ”


podcast testimonials


Listen > Do > Profit. My Perpetual Traffic Audio Cheat Sheet!

by Kd Co - Oct 12, 2015

Keith, Molly and Ralph deliver – BIGTIME! In just 2 episodes, I’ve made 3 changes to our marketing funnel designs and already have positively impacted my TRAFFIC AND CONVERSION! I just moved this podcast to my favorites list. SUBSCRIBE. LISTEN. DO. GET RESULTS. As close to a paid traffic course as you can get, without spending a dime. No Brainer.

Are you kidding me? Pure gold!

by Chiquita2727 - Oct 12, 2015

This is a not-to-be-missed show each and every episode! So much gold in each episode and strategies to make it happen!
~ Maritza

Get Inspired – Then Implement!

by Graham English - Oct 12, 2015

I always jump at the chance to listen to Molly, Keith and Ralph. I knew them in different worlds (Digital Marketer and Dominate Web Media) and now they’re together doing this podcast! It’s well-produced, wicked smart and I’m hooked! If you want traffic, you should subscribe and implement!

Awesome Addition to the Entrepreneur Podcast Library

by John Grimshaw - Oct 15, 2015

Perpetual Traffic is exactly what was missing from the library of business and entrepreneur podcasts. The cast’s advice on running paid traffic and using it to grow your business (without running in the red) is critical for people wanting to scale their traffic. The best part is that Molly, Keith and Ralph ACTUALLY DO THIS STUFF! These guys have already thought of and tested tons of traffic tricks, so you don’t have to worry about effectiveness when implementing their strategies. If you think traffic just means sitting in a hot car on the highway, this podcast isn’t for you. But if you’re looking to start, grow or optimize an acquisition strategy, you’ve come to the right place.

Exactly the podcast I wanted

by InstagramIsKindOfABitch - Oct 15, 2015

Been looking for something to listen to to keep my mind fresh in lead generation specifically, and this is exactly it! Great podcast!

Warning: You may be overwhelmed with traffic…

by ThatsEadesy - Oct 16, 2015

The only people who should sign up for this podcast are the people who can actually handle the traffic coming to their site as a result. These guys know how to get it done so hang on for the ride and I’ll see you on the beach!

Want to take notes on this podcast

by inquisichick - Oct 16, 2015

Some podcasts you can listen to while you run but with this series you’ll want to be able to take notes on or at least bookmark so you can come back and write down their advice. The one about Facebook videos addressed the main roadblock to me doing video ads.

Totally different than anything out there

by Cheryl Hunt - Oct 16, 2015

Really enjoy the interplay between Keith, Molly and Ralph! Love the case study/debate/expert panels show format! It’s real. It’s practical. It’s engaging and fun. This is one podcast you must subscribe to if you want to attract the right leads to grow your business the right way.



Bree Argetsinger

CEO, The Betty Rocker

“I am just so happy I joined, I could not have spent my money or my time in a better place when it comes to scaling my business and making a huge impact.”


Greg Cassar

CEO, The Collective Digital Marketing

“What I love about what you’ve been teaching is the real focus on ROI – as a result of implementing this, we’ve been able to reduce our cost per lead and reduce our cost per sale…”


Sam Cook

CEO, Prism Communications

“There’s a reason Perry Marshall picked Keith to write his book on Facebook ads with him, because he’s the best in the business. If you really want to do it right and make huge gains like I just made, there’s no one better than Keith Krance and the team at DWM.”


Facebook Ads University Member

“It’s well worth becoming a member….The over the shoulder stuff he does – where he brings on some of his rock star clients like Betty Rocker – it’s just fabulous, and just having that kind of insight and seeing how you can take advantage of some of the free tools out there to make your posts, and to make your lead magnets and tracking pixels just really explode into getting more leads down your pipeline.”


Scott Sullivan

Founder, Bam Bam Martial Arts

“Learning about audience insights was one of those Aha moments – I’ve seen instances where I’ve run campaigns that have failed, where if I had known this, these campaigns would have been successful! This was like a 5 minute thing that could change my whole business.”


Steve Trang

Owner, Stunning Homes Realty

“I wasn’t sure if it was possible to attract sellers in the real estate space….I already got an appointment and it only cost me $20 for that lead, and I’m used to paying more than $100 per seller lead – at least.”


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