Why Advertise on Facebook

advertise on facebookReasons Why You Must Advertise on Facebook

Today, Facebook is one of the leading and most popular social networking sites in the World Wide Web. It contains over a billion active users from all over the world. From United States, the active Facebook users has been totaled to approximately 300 million while in the continent of Europe, the estimated number of active users is 731 million. Also, there are active users in Asia and that gives the 1, 000, 000, 000+ active users of Facebook worldwide.

Because of its intense popularity among internet users all over the world, business owners are now grabbing the opportunity to advertise their products and promote their services on Facebook. Through advertising on Facebook, businesses can gain more customers than usual. There are so many reasons why you should advertise on Facebook but to know and understand them completely, here’s a list of the main reasons why one must advertise on Facebook:

  • It is a developed social network.

It is because of Facebook’s 1 billion plus active users that you should begin advertising through Facebook. Even a portion of those active users who log on their accounts every day just to update statuses, chat together with friends, and play different online games are enough to be your target audience. Of course, you know how it goes in social networking sites. Once a user heard of your products and services and he or she begins to like it, he or she will start sharing them with his or her friends until it becomes one of the hot topics.

  • It contains vast groups of people who have purchasing power.

It is not enough that people know the products and services that you’re offering. Of course, they should be able to purchase them. In the first place, that is the reason why you advertise on Facebook: to gain more customers because more customers mean more income. Not only teenagers have the capability to use it; there are also users whose age ranges from 26 to 34 or even higher who have jobs and have the ability to buy your products.

  • It provides a straight connection between the owners and the customers.

Unlike other advertisements, people can have a direct connection to the business owner operating the Facebook advertisement. Through this, owners and customers can have a real chit chat through Facebook chat or Facebook message. Either way, the owner can answer the inquiries of customers quickly and easily.

  • It is cheap.

Another good reason why Facebook is a nice way when it comes in advertising on Facebook is because its inexpensiveness. You just have to create a fan page and try to gather your customers or fans. Once they like the products or services that you’re offering, expect that they will share it to their friends and family and surely, you will have a very nice income.

  • It allows you to have customers worldwide.

Well, that is the power of internet. You can reach other people even if they are in the other side of the world. Through Facebook advertising, you can have customers not only nationwide but also worldwide. Again, the more customers you gain, the better your income will be.

  • It is flexible.

Facebook doesn’t only allow you to create a fan page for your business but you can also hold contests or promos for your customers, invite and gather them for an event, or do a poll with them.

Start to Advertise on Facebook

Now for these reasons, you should now start to advertise on Facebook. Facebook is not only for communication. It is also a way of gaining more customers for your business.


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