How to Increase Paid Traffic ROI by 100%-200% WITHOUT Using the Ads Manager or Power Editor

increase facebook ads roi

(Watch to hear how Graham doubled his business…twice – 1:33 into the video.) Watch the Video Below to see how and why I made this video to use as a FB Video Ad

How to Use Facebook Video Ads for Long Term Success

how to create a Facebook Video ad

Click Here to See this Video Ad inside Facebook    

How to Use Facebook to Amplify Content for Maximum ROI

How to use Facebook to amplify content pre-play

Click Here to Download the Facebook Domination 2.0 Mind Map (“How to Use Facebook to Amplify Content for Maximum ROI”) 1:31 minute mark – Recap of 9 Step Process 3:14 minute mark – Typical Front End of a Funnel Funnel 1 L.M. Squeeze Sales Page Funnel 2 (More Effective) Blog Content (non-gated) L.M. Squeeze Sales […]

The 3-Pronged Facebook Advertising Strategy That Cut Lead Costs by 80%

80 three pronged facebook ads strategy

  Sometimes when you first begin a Facebook ad campaign you don’t get it completely right the first time around. Most people like to talk about all their success and try to forget about the failures… I’m not going to call them failures here, because they really aren’t failures – they are more like market […]

My Favorite Books for High Performance and Growth (Plus a Key to Maximizing Efforts)

Books for high-performance and Growth

One of the biggest game changers for me this past year has been the ability to read more high-performance books than ever before, while spending less time than ever actually reading books. How’d I do this? One reason: Thanks to Audible I have spent very little time over the past few years ever actually […]