3 Social Media Advertising Research Tools You Cannot Live Without

3 facebook advertising research tools

The absolute best offer in the world won’t matter all that much unless you place it in front of the right audience. And in the new age of Facebook relevance scores and the new algorithm, it doesn’t matter how great your content is if your audience couldn’t care less about it. But if you can dial […]

9-Step Facebook Perpetual Traffic Blueprint

keith new 9-Step video pre-play

(This video is running as a Facebook Ad right now – watch the webinar to see exactly how it fits into the 9-Step system…)  

The Simple “2-Step” Social Advertising Template to Keep Your Account Safe

facebook advertising tips 2015

Social media ad accounts are getting banned all over the place. There is fear, paranoia and confusion everywhere when it comes to advertising on social media these days. We see it every day in the forums and Facebook groups we monitor and actively participate in, we see it in high-level masterminds, we hear it on client calls… And […]

Perpetual Traffic Flows

Perpetual traffic mindmap preplay

How I am Beating Gurus With a 10 X Bigger List Than Me

Keith pre-play Sun Cove

Thank You For Trusting Me! 2:05 in I show screenshot of how I’m beating people with 100,000-200,00+ email lists. 4:11 in I explain the reason WHY I’ve been able to compete with or beat these “gurus”. Click Here to Check out “The Machine” and get all of my bonuses. Click Here to see the page […]